Chairperson Speaks

Dear Students,

There is an old saying: “The future of a country is shaped in class rooms.” I strongly believe in it. The youth of India represents aspirations of India and Indians. I understand that aspiring young India deserves world class education and technology. And yet, we need to address the larger Universal concerns too. To keep track of the technological development that brings the social change, JECRC University is making Sustained efforts in providing the world – class education in a serene atmosphere. JECRC University has accepted the challenge of providing technical skilled manpower, at the same time striking a balance with the sustainability of the humankind.

Keeping pace with these concerns and the challenges that the technological development have posted JECRC University has a promise to equip the coming generations with the skills those are vital in the coming times and the traits that human society always craves for.

I invite you to the JECRC University to fulfil your dreams and to build your own world.

“History testifies that universally a country has occupied the position n the world arena is the same that of what its Universities have achieved. We are for it, facilitating.

O.P. Agrawal 



President Message

Dear Student,

‘The real difficulty is that people have no idea of what education truly is. We assess the value of education in the same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in the stock-exchange market. We want to provide only such education as would enable the student to earn more. We hardly give any thought to the improvement of the character of the educated.’

These lines by Mahatma Gandhi show that education is not a mechanical process only rather it is a process of the transformation of personality. I also feel that education should be the like the medal of success, which helps in building the nation rather than just the way to get a degree. With the same vision JECRC University was established.

JECRC University as a splendid temple of learning welcomes you to become the part of it by equipping yourself with the acumen to address local and global challenges no matter how far you reside, no matter you work somewhere at the same time. I would like to congratulate you on choosing JECRC University. JU with its vision to contribute in academic, professional, cultural and social environment of the levels of individuals and communities, tries to instill a spirit of professionalism, social responsibility and sense of patriotism by providing optimum opportunities to grow academically and intellectually, thus shaping its students into a well rounded human being.

JU is fully equipped to support its students leading them towards the path of success. The university with its serene and beautiful campus, well equipped labs, well stocked library, fully air-conditioned hostel cubicles, mess providing variety of food, sports facilities, clubs / societies, not only ensures appropriate learning environment but also inculcates the spirit of innovation and creativity. The teacher at JU teach and facilitate learning them through such a way which lead the students to their all round development. The university tries its best to connect its students to the Global market through its collaboration with internationally reputed knowledge partners. The university with such a huge acumen of knowledge tries to connect its learners to the Global village.

The modern curriculum, Research endeavors, pedagogical advancements, international collaborations, industry partnerships, faculty development and incubation practices at the university bring transformative impact on the students motivating them to build their world by contributing in the success and development of society and nation. In this way JU tries to act as a catalyst, while converting its intake into intellectuals and visionaries.

Education provides one with the spirit to make one’s dreams come true. I, welcome all the students who choose to execute their dreams of education through JECRC University. I also assure you that the brand of JU will make you feel head and shoulder high at every step of your life leading you towards the optimal execution of what you learn here.
Best Wishes!!

Prof. Victor Gambhir,

President, JECRC University.


Registrar Speaks

Since its establishment in 2012, the JECRC University has grown to become Rajasthan’s prestigious and most preferred University, known for the excellence of its teaching, research, and service. The newly established Directorate of Distance Education will be of great help in personal and professional career development of all those who prefer to be a part of it. Our professional and other research- driven academic programmes range across all disciplines and total commitment is essential to achieve the goals. As we look to the future, one thing is certain, technology and knowledge will be the key recourses and also these will be the most sought after within the country and around the globe. Therefore, it is our paramount duty to help generate ideas that will benefit society, educate and train people to work in fields where they will be valued for their specialized knowledge.

Our acumen to research, communication and solving issues are reaching higher pedestal year after yea. To  meet the challenges, alliances with research institutions, partnership with government and other agencies are being undertaken expeditiously. WE shall leave no stone unturned ot ensure the quality of our academic programs, excellence of our teaching, learning and research.

S.L. Agrawal



Director Speaks

I am privileged to be the Director of Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) of the JECRC University. The ‘Open and Distance Learning (ODL)’ is a term which accepts the philosophy of “openness” and uses the “distance mode” of learning. ODL occupies a special place in the Indian higher education system because of its major contribution in enhancing the Gross Enrollment Ratio and democratization of higher education to large segments of the Indian population particularly to reach out to the unreached and to meet the demands of lifelong learning which has become more of a necessity in the knowledge society.

The University uses a range of instruments to provide relevant education in conformation with the contemporary needs and vitalities affirming quality and excellence. The Directorate of Distance Education at JECRC University offers three UG and two PG programmes for broadening the knowledge horizons and developing skills for capacity building.

The Open and Distance Learning with the imposed acceleration in adoption will play a bigger role to meet the educational needs of the young aspirants including the marginalized and the excluded youth. I affirm with full confidence that every learning experience at this university will be excellent, meeting world class standards.

The Directorate of Distance Education will be at the forefront to meet the educational needs of the young aspirants including the marginalized and the excluded youth, spread across the length and breadth of the country, to give the impetus to render the best service by this educational institution. I affirm with full confidence that every experience of learning through distance mode from this University will be outstanding ensuring best of the standards.

Prof. Prashant Sahai Saxena


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