As per DEB, UGC communication dated 12 May, 2020 the Complaints Handling Mechanism will be as given below:


First tier – HEI Level

  • Complaints shall be handled through an online complaint handling mechanism at the HEI level.
  • EB portal shall automatically forward the complaints received to respective HEI and have a tracking mechanism enabled in the portal, for monitoring the disposal status of the complaints.

It is desired that Complaints received may be resolved at the earliest possible but should not exceed two months from the date of receipt of the complaints.


Second tier – Regional Office Level

  • If HEIs fails to address the complaint in stipulated period (two months), then the complainant shall approach the concerned Regional Office of UGC. The complaint from the HEI portal will also be automatically transferred to the concerned regional office of the UGC.

The concerned Regional Office shall intervene and take necessary action for redressal.


Third tier – DEB, UGC Level

  • In case of complaint not disposed/resolved in first and second tiers, DEB, UGC shall take necessary action as per provisions of the UGC (ODL) and Online Regulations and its amendments.

Students Help Manual and Process Flow chart are attached herewith for a better understanding.

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