Programme Objectives

With the globalization, the size of the business entities have grown to enormous levels increasing the gap between the Owner (share holder) and the Executive (Board of Directors). Government has become stricter with new Laws and Regulations to protect the environment and mankind from the clutches of these huge business entities. This situation multiplies the requirement of well informed and trained Accountancy and Finance Professionals.  A Bachelor’s degree in Commerce is a fundamental graduating qualification, and opens up opportunities in higher education for graduates to pursue Master’s-level courses such as M. Com and MBA. The B. Com. Graduate also has opportunities to apply for professional courses in commerce and accountancy such as CA, CS, ICWA, CIMA, CFA and CMA etc.


10+2 (any stream) or Equivalent

Duration of The Programme

(Minimum – 3 Years, Maximum – 6 Years)

Fee of the Programme

Rs. 7000 per Semester. Enrolment and Examination Fee will be charged separately.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is only in English. The course material will also be in English. However, the Coordinator, Counsellor and Instructors will use Hindi also to help the learners understand the subject well.

Program Structure

Course Code Title Credits
D-BCOM-101 Business Organization 3
D-BCOM-102 Introduction to Accounting 3
D-BCOM-103 Environmental Studies 2
D-BCOM-104 Principles of Management 4
D-BCOM-105 Computer Fundamentals & PC Software 4
Course Code Title Credits
D-BCOM-201 Organizational Behaviour 3
D-BCOM-202 Statistical Techniques 3
D-BCOM-203 Business Mathematics 2
D-BCOM-204 English 2
D-BCOM-205 Micro Economics 3
Course Code Title Credits
D-BCOM-301 Business Law 3
D-BCOM-302 Business Communication 4
D-BCOM-303 Income Tax Law & Practice 3
D-BCOM-304 Quantitative Methods 3
D-BCOM-305 Macro Economics & Global Environment 3
Course Code Title Credits
D-BCOM-401 Business Environment 4
D-BCOM-402 Cost Accounting 3
D-BCOM-403 Marketing Management 3
D-BCOM-404 Fundamentals of E-Commerce 2
D-BCOM-405 Banking & Insurance Practices 2
Course Code Title Credits
D-BCOM-501 Human Resource Management 3
D-BCOM-502 Corporate Strategy 2
D-BCOM-503 International Business Management 3
D-BCOM-504 Service Marketing 2
D-BCOM-505 Business Oriented Computer Applications 3
D-BCOM-506 Mercantile Law 3
Course Code Title Credits
D-BCOM-601 Cost Audit 3
D-BCOM-602 Consumer Behaviour 3
D-BCOM-603 Advertising and Sales Management 3
D-BCOM-604 Production and Operations Management 4
D-BCOM-605 Financial Management 3
D-BCOM-606 Project and Viva Voce 8

TOTAL 32 COURSES: Credits: 99

Detailed Syllabus is available on Student's Login.

Faculty Members

Dr. Ruchi Goyal Associate Professor [email protected]
Dr. Rahmi Sharma Assistant Professor [email protected]
Dr. Hemant Verma Assistant Professor [email protected]
Mr. Manish Sharma Assistant Professor [email protected]
Ms. Sunita Sharma Assistant Professor [email protected]
Mr. Jai Prakash Asopa Assistant Professor [email protected]

List of Supporting Staff

Name Designation e-mail ID
Dr. N. K. Gupta Deputy Registrar [email protected]
Mr. K. K. Ramesan Assistant Registrar [email protected]
Mr. S. A. Sudhakar Section Officer [email protected]
Mr. Akshay Saxena Coordinator [email protected]
Mr. Ishwar Das Coordinator [email protected]
Ms. Preeti Bhatia Sr. Assistant [email protected]
Mr. Umesh Kr. Sharma Computer Operator
Mr. Abhishek Sharma Computer Operator

Contact Point for Counselling : 

Dr. Ruchi Goyal

(Head – Management Programmes, DDE)

Phone : +91 9982682493 , +91 9116673115

E-mail  : [email protected]

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